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make a fellow camera smile
camera's can smile you know
at least
cam makes me happy
and i smile

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you butts better follow me on tumblr (or this tumblr)
or muzy or even pixiv!?

-- art status --
Point commissions are closed. (When open, they are usually on my left side of my profile) | Collaborations are closed ( collabs are friends only )

-- what i do/ who am i? --
A fellow person called Nao had nicknamed me Cthulhu and told me I reminded them of the smell of rain (aka; petrichor) but you can call me Cam, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, Samejima or your Meowjesty! ((Any other nicknames are fine)) Oh, but if you didn't know, I like making puns and my parents are two robot dads.

-- 25% accurate description of my personality --
I am known to be sarcastic, yet shy and timid, nervous yet brave, and self-conscious. Most of all, boring, and lazy in a sense of fitness. I need to be pushed to get something done, and I am rather indecisive. However, I am kind, happy-go-lucky (or easily adaptable to any situations), and confident, though humble, in my strengths.
*all words relatives had said about me

-- anything else ? --
I am also known as 'animzer' by some other people (who is helping two boys create two games known as 'Star Conspiracy (I and II)', also known as SC*, and ':3evolution'. I also play games and we record it sometimes. However, I doubt we'll get near a hundred views, especially when I keep collecting flowers while L and C keep arguing about something stupid!

-- main comics --

My own personal comic about Daft Punk called :Some DP!au: (shortened to DP, i'm sorry) and I'm getting really into it. I fear I will slack off in a weeks time from the 10th of April, because that's when school starts again!
Characters 100% done || 4 Main || 5 Secondary/Rarely seen || Repeated background characters
[PAGE 01]

Natso Kois Rama (Nishipu) is an amazing person who had contributed in making the story of :Objectum-Caput: (or, as some may guess: object-head)! Although it is still in the making, it's going to be awesome. (It involves time travel and a lot of the world's background and history, so of course it'll take forever!)
Characters 90% done || 3 Main || 28 Secondary || 35 Repeated background characters || MORE
[PAGE 01]

-- stories and roleplay related --

A certain mossy gator (Mossygator) is a fanatic about Penguins of Madagascar just like me! Currently, she is helping me with creating and drawing the panels of my fanfiction known as :Penguins over maniacs: (along with a small side-story) This action-packed story is soon to be made! I have even included small flash animations about them.

I have also met a butt of a possum (Doctor-Flight) who is a extremely, insanely good roleplayer! Her stories and ideas in our longest (to me, at least) roleplay are very realistic. The story is called :One becomes Three:, featuring a girl named Tammy with a dream of becoming a DJ who meets a shy boy named Adrian, along with his rich friend Corbin who helps Tammy get her first recording done! Exciting!

Most of all is a giant project called :Confidants: (even bigger than :O-C: and that's hard to imagine!) This is iShisa 's collaborative piece with me. something about anthro bunblobs (a copyrighted species made from her) and a gang war between two gangs in areas of a small town, considered to be the 'Slums'. Our main hero's are the gang led by 'Captain' Keina and Vosn; they are called 'The Confidant Gang', or 'The Confidants', while the antagonist gang is called 'The Uninvited'. Lots of blood, angst, and romance 'brotps'.

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